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Call center working hours: Daily, 8:00 to 22:00. After 22:00, you can write to us via messengers
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Call center working hours: Daily, 8:00 to 22:00. After 22:00, you can write to us via messengers
Call center working hours: Daily, 8:00 to 22:00. After 22:00, you can write to us via messengers
Gift cleaning Gift cleaning


General questions

Questions in total: 12
How it works? Do I need to provide my own cleaning supplies?
Our experts have everything they need to clean the entire apartment and wash the windows. We use professional supplies. You only need to open the door.
How it works? Do you clean in detached houses?
Yes, we provide cleaning in summer homes, detached houses, row houses and apartments with non-standard floor plans. You can book a cleaning via our website: specify the number of rooms and bathrooms; add floor space in square meters in the comments. You can also make a booking on social media or via our call center.
How it works? Do you work only in Kyiv?

We also accept orders for Brovary, Irpin, Vyshhorod, Bucha and Vyshneve at no extra charge. Our cleaners can also provide services in other places located up to 40 kilometers from the city center. In that case, you will have to pay an extra fee of UAH 150 to 370.

We are an international company. We also work in Belarus: Minsk, Brest, Polotsk and Salihorsk, and also in Riga, Latvia.

How it works? Who are your cleaners?
We have been working since 2016. We have an experienced team and a smoothly running recruitment and training system. We do a thorough background check accompanied by several interviews, test cleanings and exams. All our cleaners have been verified.
How it works? Can you bring my keys to me after the cleaning?
Yes, we have a key delivery service. We can take your keys before the cleaning and deliver them afterwards. You can also give us the keys in advance.
How it works? What if I am not happy with the quality of the cleaning?
We will find the solution as quickly as possible. If you can take pictures, please do it and send them to our email or our social media accounts. You will get a response immediately, and we will start working on a solution right away. We respond to criticism and make sure to fix our mistakes. If the quality of the cleaning is low, we can give you a refund and offer you a free clean.
How it works? Do you offer deep cleaning?
We mostly avoid this word. Any cleaning that we do is thorough. What you may consider deep cleaning would be standard cleaning plus several extra services. If you need to have an apartment cleaned that has not been cleaned or lived in for several years, or where something happened, please contact us to discuss that service. Most likely, it will be an hourly rate of UAH 200 per hour.
How it works? Can I order dry cleaning and apartment cleaning simultaneously?
Yes, we have designated dry cleaning professionals, so you can order dry cleaning to be done independently or at the same time as the home cleaning. It will not affect the duration of the cleaning.
How it works? How do I cancel my order?
When you make a booking on the website, you receive a confirmation email. It has links to pay, edit or cancel the booking. You can cancel the booking by yourself up to 12 hours before the appointment. If you need to cancel less than 12 hours before the appointment, contact our call center or message us on social media.
How it works? How do I make a booking?

You can make a booking online, over the phone or on social media. If you make a booking online, you can pay by card right away. If you make a booking over the phone or on social media and want to pay online, tell our manager about it, and we will send a payment link to your phone.

Please note that bonus points and the loyalty scheme only work if you make a booking online via your profile.

How it works? Do you have powerful vacuum cleaners?
Yes, apart from compact vacuum cleaners we have professional vacuum cleaners from Kärcher. If you think you need one for your home, please notify us when you make a booking.
How it works? Why do you need a steam cleaner?
We clean hard-to-access places and tile joints using a steam cleaner. We can also steam any kitchen surfaces, appliances and walls. We do not use a steam cleaner for dry cleaning of your furniture or curtains.


Questions in total: 15
How it works? When should I book a cleaning?

You can make a booking even for the same day, and our cleaners will be there three hours after the booking. You can also make a booking in advance. If you make an appointment a month from now, no worries: we will be there in time.

You can choose the option "no specific time" (we will warn you about the arrival of our cleaner beforehand) or "I will specify the time a day before the cleaning" (we will contact you and decide at what time the cleaning will start).

How it works? Window cleaning
We wash the windows from both sides, including the frame and windowsills. A window is two sections that don't go down all the way to the floor or one section of a French window. A balcony door is calculated as one window. Windows with two frames are calculated as two windows.
How it works? Powerful vacuum cleaner
We have vacuum cleaners that are more powerful, but they are only delivered by cleaners who drive their own cars. If you need this vacuum cleaner for your home, please warn us beforehand (tell the call center agent or leave a note when you make a booking online).
How it works? Tiling and tile joints
We clean the tiling as part of any standard cleaning. We will clean the tiles in the kitchen and in the bathroom. If you need to clean the tile joints, warn us beforehand, and we will bring a steam cleaner. It is an extra option with an extra charge.
How it works? How do you count bathrooms?
If the room with the toilet is separate from the one with the bathtub or shower, they are still counted as one bathroom. A shower cubicle is not calculated separately and is cleaned at no extra charge. If you have two baths or two toilets, that counts as two bathrooms.
How it works? How do you calculate windows?
We have a dedicated page where we illustrate how we calculate windows. A window is two sections that don't go down all the way to the floor or one section of a French window. We calculate windows with two frames as two windows. We calculate a balcony door as one window.
How it works? How do you count rooms?
If you have changed the layout of your apartment to make two rooms out of one, you can still indicate it as a single-room apartment. A living room-kitchen combination is calculated as one room plus one kitchen.
How it works? How do you count balcony windows?
Same way as any other windows. We calculate window sections. If you have 8 windows sections that don't go all the way down, they are considered 4 windows, 4 window sections that go all the way down are also 4 windows. Just like with regular windows, 2 sections that don't go all the way down are calculated as one window, and one section reaching the floor is also considered one window.
How it works? Can I choose the cleaner for my appointment?
You can request a specific cleaner when you make a booking online or through our call center. In that case, the cleaning can sometimes be postponed by a day or two. This is a rare situation, though, and we make every effort to meet your request.
How it works? How do I contact my cleaner?
You can send us a message on social media or call us, and we will give you the number of the cleaner assigned to your booking.
How it works? Cleaning supplies
We use professional cleaning supplies Cleamen made in the Czech Republic. They are hypoallergenic and safe for kids and pets. Every cleaner has three to five multi-functional detergents for various spots and surfaces.
How it works? Ceilings and chandeliers
As a rule, we don't wash ceilings and chandeliers, since our cleaners cannot bring a ladder to every appointment. In certain cases, we can wash hard-to-reach places if you provide your own ladder. Please be aware that an extra fee will be charged.
How it works? Is there anything you don't do?
  • We don't move items and furniture
  • We don't clean curtains
  • We don't wash chandeliers and ceiling lamps
  • We don't wash the lobby or the hallway in the building
  • We don't wash ceilings
  • We don't disinfect apartments
How it works? Custom servicesCustom services
We can discuss any home cleaning jobs with you individually. To do it, please contact the manager. You can do it on social media or on messengers. We have an hour flat rate.
How it works? Window blinds
We don't wash window blinds as part of the standard cleaning or window cleaning. Window blinds can be washed at an extra fee with our standard hourly rate.


Questions in total: 6
How it works? Methods of payment

You can pay for the cleaning with a credit card or cash on the website. If you pay for the cleaning in your profile on the website, you have the option to receive an invoice for several cleanings at once.

You can pay for the cleaning as a legal entity. We will prepare the necessary documents and invoice you.

How it works? Will I have a receipt?

If you pay in cash, there is no receipt. This follows the Ukrainian legislation concerning consumer services provided by a private entrepreneur. The cleaner leaves you a service delivery act in any format: it can be a check-list containing the amount paid, the date and information on the cleaning. You also always receive a confirmation email or text message.

If you pay for the cleaning by a credit card, you will receive an e-receipt, which is considered a valid fiscal paper.

How it works? Do we sign a contract?
We have a public offer agreement, which is always available here.
How it works? I need a document for my organization
We can provide a letter of confirmation about services provided, an invoice or any other confirmation of the cleaning that you require.
How it works? How does billing work?

We work with the payment service provider, which allows us to accept payments from any international cards, such as VISA and MasterCard of all types.

If you need a refund, it will be paid to the same card that was billed. To get a refund, call us at +380 (93) 0-935-735.

The time within which you will receive the money depends on your bank and the system.

The data are sent through a separate encrypted channel. Your personal information is safe with us and cannot be intercepted. The data are transferred in an encrypted form and are stored only on the specialized server of the system.

How it works? In what case can the prices change?

We offer a flat rate. But we calculate them based on the set of services that we provide and the approximate time spent on them. Effectively, we have a flat rate for certain services, sets of services or the work hours of our employees. For instance, oven cleaning always costs UAH 179, even if it takes an hour and a half to wash it. But the price for cleaning of a one-room apartment is based on approximately three hours of work. If it takes five hours, we can ask you to pay more, warning you in advance and running it by you first.

If you book an appointment on the website, you will see the approximate time of the cleaning on the right, and our agents will also inform you of it on the phone. If we need some 40 minutes of extra time, the price will not change. If it takes more time, we will tell you as soon as we can that the price will change. This usually happens at the very beginning of the cleaning. Extra time costs UAH 200 per hour. If the cleaning takes more time through our own fault, you will not be charged more.

In an absolute majority of cases, the price will not change.


Questions in total: 3
How it works? I am happy with the quality
We would be happy to receive your public feedback. Please leave your review here: google, facebook
How it works? What to do if there is a damage?
If the cleaners have broken something, we will fully refund the damage and your time.
How it works? Can I leave a tip?
We welcome tips for our employees. We can add it to your credit card charge, or you can tip in cash. The specific cleaner that you are tipping will receive 100% of the tip.

Cancel, transfer and change an order

Questions in total: 1
How it works? Can I cancel, postpone or change the booking?

When you make a booking on the website, you receive a confirmation email. It has links to pay, edit or cancel the booking. You can cancel the booking by yourself up to 12 hours before the appointment. If you need to cancel less than 12 hours before the appointment, contact our call center or text us on social media.

You can change the booking details and the date the same way. You can always add extra options during the cleaning or cancel some of the services. Your bill will be changed.


Questions in total: 5
How it works? Promo codes
Use the promo code START for your first order for a 15% discount. We also have seasonal promos with various promo codes. Enter the promo code in the respective field when you make a booking on the website or tell it to our call center agent. The number of promo codes is always limited; we can also ask you to change the date of your cleaning a little.
How it works? Corporate promo codes
We have corporate partners who have their promo codes. If you are an employee of the company that works with us, please ask our managers about the terms of promo code use. We work with companies that give home cleaning as a bonus to their staff. Please ask about the possible number of such cleanings and the list of available extra services.
How it works? Regular cleaning
If you book cleanings regularly, you get a guaranteed discount: one cleaning per week—a 15% discount, two cleanings per month—a 10% discount, one cleaning per month—a 5% discount. We can agree on a different schedule and calculate an individual discount for you.
How it works? Referral program
If you have registered on our website, you have a personal referral code that you can share with your friends. If they make a booking on our website, both of you are going to get bonus points that you can use in our loyalty program.
How it works? Loyalty program
After you sign up to our website, you are automatically registered as a participant of our loyalty program. Detailed description of levels and discounts is available in your profile.

Personal account

Questions in total: 1
How it works? Personal account page

You can collect bonus points for every booking and get additional discounts. It will depend on your status. We offer five different options of collecting points and discount offers.

You will also have booking history, cleaner selection and your balance available.

On your profile, you can pay for specific bookings or invoices for one month or for any period that you need. You will have your referral code, which you can share with your friends. You and they will both receive extra points after they make their first booking.

Dry cleaning

Questions in total: 4
How it works? Dry cleaning supplies
We use professional dry cleaning supplies made by Kärcher and Cleamen. They are hypoallergenic and safe for kids and pets.
How it works? What do you clean?
We do dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, rugs and carpeting. We do the dry cleaning on site.
How it works? What don't you clean?
We don't clean curtains, duvets, clothes and leather furniture. We don't dry clean rugs in our facility; we can only clean them in your home.
How it works? What are the guarantees?
Unfortunately, we cannot fully guarantee the removal of all stains. We will, however, account for full compliance with the dry cleaning procedure. The use of a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning after repair

Questions in total: 10
How it works? What equipment do you use?
We have professional equipment and supplies for post-renovation cleaning. Depending on the scope of the cleaning, we can assign your appointment to one to five cleaners.
How it works? What does the cleaning include?

Our idea of post-renovation cleaning is that you will be able to come back to a clean apartment where you can live right away. All the available surfaces, the furniture, windows and appliances will be cleaned. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is booked separately. Please note that it is advisable to book a regular cleaning a week after the post-renovation cleaning.

We don't have equipment that will remove dust particles from the air. They will gradually settle and you will need a light cleaning a few days later.

How it works? Do you collect debris?
No, we do not collect construction debris.
How it works? Can the price change?
We offer a flat rate. The price that we name when you make a booking will not change.
How it works? How do you calculate windows?
The same way as with a standard cleaning: two window sections that don't go all the way down to the floor are calculated as one window. One French window is calculated as one window. The balcony door is also calculated as one window. Double windows are calculated as two windows.
How it works? How long will the cleaning take?
We complete all our cleaning within one day.
How it works? What do I do if I am not happy with the quality of the cleaning?
We will respond to your complaint ASAP and find the right solution. As a rule, we will return the payment, offer you a free cleaning and refund the time that you have spent.
How it works? Why can I trust you?

We have about 50 post-renovation cleaning appointments per month. We have experience with cleaning of big office facilities and sports facilities after they are cleared for operation.

We comply with our established cleaning standards, and we have an experienced team. We will provide the necessary number of cleaners and enough equipment to finalize your renovation.

How it works? Can the price be lower?
Yes, if there has only been minor redecoration in the apartment, we can make a discount.
How it works? How do I calculate the price if renovation was only done in one room?
The price will be reduced. As a rule, it will be the price of a standard cleaning plus several extra hours for the room where renovation has been done.

Office cleaning

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How it works? Office cleaning services
We clean offices and commercial facilities in Kyiv. Our managers will quickly calculate the price of a regular or one-time cleaning and prepare all the necessary documents. You don't need to pay upfront. You can pay for the cleaning once a month.

Cleaning subscription

Questions in total: 6
How it works? What is a cleaning subscription?

If you need regular cleaning, you can choose the frequency when ordering. For example, once every two weeks. After the completion of the order, we will automatically create the next one for the same time in two weeks, the same contractor will be assigned to the cleaning (if you rated the cleaning with 5 stars).

On the order page, you immediately see a permanent discount for regular cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, you will receive an SMS with the date and time of the next cleaning (and a link to edit the cleaning parameters). We will also send a reminder 2 days before the scheduled date.

In addition to SMS, you will receive the same confirmations by email (there you can add cleaning as an event to your calendar).

All your orders are available in your personal account: you do not need to create an account, just use your phone number to enter and see your future and past orders. There you can edit the time and date of cleaning, reschedule it to another day, choose another cleaner, rate it or leave some comments.

If you need to skip one or more cleanings, your discount for regularity will remain.

How it works? Is it possible to choose one cleaner?

Yes, we assume that the same person will always come to your cleanings. After the first order and a positive assessment, the cleaner will be automatically assigned to the next cleaning. If the quality wasn’t good, we will select another cleaner - but rate and leave feedback in your personal account. You also can simply choose another cleaning or make in random.

How it works? Can dates be changed?

Yes, all dates and time are flexible. You will receive a confirmation SMS with a link to edit the date, time and cleaning parameters. If you booked a once a week cleaning, but rescheduled the date and it will take place in 10 days, your weekly discount will remain.

How it works? How is the subscription paid?

We do not have prepayment, cleaning is paid after completion by card or cash. If you added a car or linked it, the sum will be blocked, but not charged – this means, if you cancel the order, money will be immediately unblocked. If you cancel the next cleaning (you can do this up to 16 hours before the start), there are no penalties. The subscription can be renewed at any time.

It is convenient to pay for cleaning using a linked card in your personal account - you do not need any additional actions, the sum is charged automatically after the completion of the order.

How it works? Can I try and cancel my subscription at any moment?

We do not sign a long-term contract - only one for each specific order. Therefore, the subscription can be canceled and quickly renewed. The whole mechanism is based on the fact that you do not need to remember when the is next cleaning and confirm it or make a new order. Subscription is not a way to get money in advance, but only a tool for convenient planning.

How it works? How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can skip one or more cleanings - cancel or reschedule the next order in your account or via a link in an SMS/email. Your discount and choice of cleaner/comments will be saved.

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