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Gift cleaning Gift cleaning
Gift cleaning Gift cleaning

Gift certificates for apartment cleaning

Cleaning is always a good gift 😉

How it works?


Choose the amount


Enter the email address and/or number of the person to whom the gift is intended


Pay everything online


A person receives a unique code and can apply it on our website and pay for the service in whole or in part


The letter and sms contain all instructions, and there may also be data about the sender of the gift

There are no restrictions on the validity period of the promotional code
Choose your certificate
Minimum Order amount 50.00 BYN
50.00 BYN
cleaning a studio apartment or dry cleaning a sofa
65.00 BYN
two-room apartment cleaning
80.00 BYN
cleaning a three-room apartment or dry cleaning a sofa and carpets
100.00 BYN
four-room apartment cleaning
Or specify the amount yourself
I want to make a gift on BYN

If you want to make a surprise, leave your mail and phone number, receive the code in person and then pass it on.