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How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can skip one or more cleanings - cancel or reschedule the next order in your account or via a link in an SMS/email. Your discount and choice of cleaner/comments will be saved.

Other frequently asked questions

How it works? Can I try and cancel my subscription at any moment?

We do not sign a long-term contract - only one for each specific order. Therefore, the subscription can be canceled and quickly renewed. The whole mechanism is based on the fact that you do not need to remember when the is next cleaning and confirm it or make a new order. Subscription is not a way to get money in advance, but only a tool for convenient planning.

How it works? How is the subscription paid?

We do not have prepayment, cleaning is paid after completion by card or cash. If you added a car or linked it, the sum will be blocked, but not charged – this means, if you cancel the order, money will be immediately unblocked. If you cancel the next cleaning (you can do this up to 16 hours before the start), there are no penalties. The subscription can be renewed at any time.

It is convenient to pay for cleaning using a linked card in your personal account - you do not need any additional actions, the sum is charged automatically after the completion of the order.

How it works? Can dates be changed?

Yes, all dates and time are flexible. You will receive a confirmation SMS with a link to edit the date, time and cleaning parameters. If you booked a once a week cleaning, but rescheduled the date and it will take place in 10 days, your weekly discount will remain.

How it works? Is it possible to choose one cleaner?

Yes, we assume that the same person will always come to your cleanings. After the first order and a positive assessment, the cleaner will be automatically assigned to the next cleaning. If the quality wasn’t good, we will select another cleaner - but rate and leave feedback in your personal account. You also can simply choose another cleaning or make in random.

How it works? What is a cleaning subscription?

If you need regular cleaning, you can choose the frequency when ordering. For example, once every two weeks. After the completion of the order, we will automatically create the next one for the same time in two weeks, the same contractor will be assigned to the cleaning (if you rated the cleaning with 5 stars).

On the order page, you immediately see a permanent discount for regular cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, you will receive an SMS with the date and time of the next cleaning (and a link to edit the cleaning parameters). We will also send a reminder 2 days before the scheduled date.

In addition to SMS, you will receive the same confirmations by email (there you can add cleaning as an event to your calendar).

All your orders are available in your personal account: you do not need to create an account, just use your phone number to enter and see your future and past orders. There you can edit the time and date of cleaning, reschedule it to another day, choose another cleaner, rate it or leave some comments.

If you need to skip one or more cleanings, your discount for regularity will remain.

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